I’m not trying to sell financial planning or money management. I will have no access to your accounts, and beyond a bill for my time, you won’t send me any of your money to invest. I receive no commissions and have no incentive to try to sell you on any particular investing product. You will keep control of your assets, investing on your own, according to a plan of your own devising.

I can help educate you, help you navigate your bank’s or broker’s website, and give you general information. My role would be part educator, technical support, and “investment coach.”

I’m not claiming to sell exclusive knowledge: everything I will teach you is available in books or websites. However, my expertise can help get you up to speed much faster and with more confidence than setting out on your own. Some people may not need my services to get started on their own; others may prefer the services of a qualified advisor or planner. DIY investing is not for everyone.

If you prefer to be taught the basics rather than having to hunt the information down in the library, to talk over certain elements of investing with a live person, and/or to have someone walk you through the scary step of making your first investment on your own, then I am happy to offer my services.

I need to note that I am not a certified financial planner, nor do I have certifications/licenses from any investment organization in Canada or abroad. I cannot sell any securities, nor can I provide specific security recommendations to you. I cannot dispense financial or legal advice.

Interested in learning about investing and taking control of your own finances? Email me at invest@therobertsons.net.