Comments from the service:

“Coming from a foreign country, the project of buying a house was complicated by the significant differences between how mortgages work in France and Canada. With simple, accessible and detailed informations, John gave me the keys that made it possible for my wife and I to have a clear understanding of the functioning of mortgages in Canada. This has been incredibly helpful, since it oriented us on highly relevant questions to ask to our banker. Ultimately, we not only made the decision to buy a home and subscribe to a mortgage, we made an informed decision with a thorough understanding of what it involves. I would definitely recommend John in the future to people that want to understand the basics of investment: he listens to you and your situation, and provides not some random advices, but advice that will be useful to you.” — J.M. of London, ON

“I have been investing with mutual funds for the past 15 years, but always felt that I was getting nowhere fast.  John’s book and personal guidance helped demystify investing and gave me the confidence and knowledge that I needed in order to take control of my savings.  With a professional, truthful, down to earth and humorous approach John made sure that I understood the basic principles of investing every step of the way.

In my opinion, John’s greatest asset is his ability to simplify and provide an easy to follow framework for DIY investing that is clear, concise and to the point.  Clients will very much appreciate his natural ‘tell it like it is’ no-guff approach in the guide.  John’s genuine interest and enthusiasm has inspired me to be proactive, knowledgeable and in control of my investments.  By the way, I took John’s advice and I no longer have those stagnant mutual funds that were going nowhere and were costing a bundle.  I now have a personally balanced portfolio of healthy, diversified low-cost index funds!” — Jill Bressmer, small business owner and DIY investor of Thunder Bay, ON.

Comments about the book:

“I read your book over the weekend. Great summary. This exactly what I needed to start with investing.” — G.A.

“I have a terrible time remembering the finer points of well… pretty much anything. I’m fine with big-picture stuff, but the details and step-by-steps always screw me up.

This book was awesome; It’s short and to the point so that as a single sitting, the overall impression and ideas are quickly communicated. And it goes into specific details that aren’t hard to locate when they are needed for how-to’s.

John has always been my go-to for “What the hell is this?” financial questions and definitions and it’s great to have a primer outlining all the basics and terminology. It hasn’t made me rich yet, but it’s certainly gotten me on the right path and as a result I’m much more comfortable and aware of my own financial health.

Everyone needs a personal “Potato” to help them get to a feeling of comfort and understanding with finances. A little tiny slice of John’s brain in 40 pages of digital download is the next best thing.

Buy this book. Learn with ease.” — A.S.

“Permit me to cheerlead: you can do it. It’s not hard, there are multiple confirmation screens, and the phone is right beside you. There’s got to be someone you can call (coughmecough) to walk you through it, or a book you can read (I whole-heartedly recommend Potato’s Short Guide to DIY Investing; it has pictures of bunnies and step by step instructions) that can push your confidence just over the line just far enough to pull the trigger.” — Sandi Martin, in her post Dear Young People, Mutual Funds Are Boring. Please Go Buy Some.