I’m John Robertson, PhD. My training and expertise is in the sciences, which has helped me hone an analytical mind, and also given me a love of and experience with teaching. As a graduate student in Medical Biophysics at UWO I was nominated for a teaching assistant award, gave guest lectures for a 3rd year undergraduate course, and most impressive of all, was chosen to teach a master’s-level course of my very own while still a PhD student myself, which helped me earn a Macklin Teaching Fellowship. Now I’m a scientific writer and editor with UHN in Toronto, which means I spend a large portion of my time breaking down complex concepts into useable information for the general public.

I also have a passion for money and investing: I’ve written a guide for new Canadian investors, written for blogs, kept up-to-date with forum participation, and generated financial tools and reports. After successfully helping many friends and family members learn about money management and start investing for themselves, I realized there was a niche for the kind of educational service I could provide: help to get started with investing, with no on-going fees or commitments. I offer these services on an hourly, fee-for-service basis as a part-time consulting business.

Media mentions include:

I have also appeared as a guest on the Because Money podcast (specifically episode 8 on borrowing money and math, and episode 14 on regulating financial advisors).

Email me at invest@therobertsons.net.

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