Saving for the future is an important part of life, but it can also be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to investing. It’s not something the schools have prepared you for, yet getting someone else to manage your money can be costly, with advisors or mutual funds often taking 2.5% or more per year in fees – that’s a cost of $1250 for a $50,000 investment, every year.

Do-it-yourself investing and managing your own money is something that anyone can do with just a little bit of time, dedication, and education. Once you learn the basics, a passive investing strategy requires very little of your ongoing time to maintain. A few hours at tax time perhaps. A few minutes through the rest of the year as you make money and have more investments to put away.

You just need the basic knowledge to get started.

To help get you started, I am offering an investment education service. You will learn the background knowledge, acquire the skills for ongoing investing, and get guidance through the process making your first investment.

It sounds kind of oxymoronic at first, hiring someone to help become a do-it-yourselfer, but many people have trouble taking the first steps towards managing their money themselves. It’s not even necessarily the high-level stuff, but just the simple things, like “how do I get my money into a self directed account?” and “what button do I press to make stuff happen?” There is usually a period where some measure of hand-holding and learning is needed for people to go from completely hands off about their money — “I have ‘a guy’, I write him a cheque at RRSP season, and he takes care of it” — to completely self-directed.